About Us


Since 2003

Waterscapes have been in the water feature industry for 19 years, successfully completing a vast number and variety of water elements, and offering a specialist service to meet any water feature need. We have pioneered effective methods of building and operating cost-effective water features, created new filter systems and manufactured custom design elements, sculptures and water effects.


The company prides itself with a passion for the development of the industry, a passion that drives the diversity and excellence in our services and products. The business has established itself as a market-leader in water feature design, construction and maintenance, offering service throughout South Africa and across the neighbouring borders into Southern Africa.

Our company strategy is to provide our clients with a product and service where we ensure that the operation of our service meets the architectural requirements. Our installations are based on client requirement, design concept, our knowledge of technological capability, and our broad understanding of the natural principles of water behaviour.

Africa - Water Features

The company is individually owned, managed and operates with a relatively small team of trained colleagues. Waterscapes boasts a service record of 7 employees over 10 years of service and 11 employees over 5 years of service. Only 1 person has resigned from this company in 18 years and we believe that it’s due to the professional and dedicated mannerism in which we all accept our responsibilities.

Breakdown of Core business Services

  • Water features
  • Swimming pools and Jacuzzis
  • Garden ponds and koi ponds
  • Dams and streams
  • Filtration systems
  • Water purification systems – domestic and commercial
  • Manufacture
  • MaintenanceIrrigation

The following specific points are areas of services currently offered by Waterscapes:

Consultancy and Design

  • Cost effective design versus the traditional methods of design.
  • Theories of existing operations that have worked using basic water principles.
  • Environmental considerations, harvesting of waste water and natural filtration.
  • Basic hydrodynamics linked with reticulation design and associated operations.
  • Project management in all areas of our scope.  


  • Drawings of reticulation design and flow maps.
  • Basic architectural drawings with information, specifications and recommendations

 Supply of all Equipment and Machinery

  • Pumps (centrifugal / bare shaft / submersible / borehole / variable speed)
  • Filtration equipment (closed filters / pressure filters / in-line filters / bio filters)
  • Electrical (control panel design and supply)
  • Lighting (12v and 24v underwater lighting)
  • Reticulations (HDPE / PVC / galvanised, stainless steel, copper)


  • Construction of designed principles, in-house building team
  • Reticulation installations and hangings
  • Pump and electrical installations
  • Filter systems, lighting, in-line systems
  • All types of fountain attachments and associated operating effects
  • Aquatics and finishing effects


  • Consultancy and design of systems best suited to existing conditions and suggestions associated to correct sealing.
  • Systems include – polyurethane, cementitious, bitumen, HDPE, PVC, fibreglass, marbelite, foam injection. Dam linings – include Bentonite, PVC, HDPE and EPDM.


  • Design of custom effects and associated structures from all materials
  • Manufacture water elements and features from Plexiglass
  • Stainless steel, aluminium, mild steel, fibreglass
  • Ring feed and equal manifolds, distribution boxes and pressure weirs


  • Corporate and domestic maintenance divisions offering a weekly, seasonal and annual servicing to all types of water elements
  • River and dam clearing and clean-outs
  • Repairs and renovations to all water features, pools, ponds and dams


  • Water purification systems – reverse osmosis
  • Water treatment plants