Pool Installations

Pool Installations

The experienced team at Waterscapes has performed numerous pool installations since being established in 2003 with the aim of providing excellent quality and services. All our swimming pool installation projects come with an owner managed, personal, hands-on approach, to ensure a satisfied customer experience as well as a desirable end product.

Waterscapes specialises in new pool design, pool installations and construction, pool renovations and repairs, as well as pool maintenance services. We are based in the Sandton area from where we provide a reliable service to all of South Africa. With our dedicated team and many years of experience you can trust Waterscapes when it comes to professional pool installations for residential or commercial properties.

Sanctuary Mandela Pool Construction
Sanctuary Mandela Pool Construction
Pool Installation
Pool Installation

Different Types of Pools

  • Concrete / Marbelite Pools: The standard (and most popular) choice for in-ground pool construction is a reinforced steel and concrete base. The concrete is sealed with either a coat of marbelite, cementitious paint, tiles, pebble aggregates or glass aggregates. Concrete pools are extremely durable and easily customized to the owner’s specifications, however the construction of the concrete base is more costly and labor-intensive to complete as compared to other methods.

  • Fiberglass Pools: Fiberglass pools are large shells that have been molded into different (limited) shapes and sizes and then placed into the excavation. Fiberglass pools are extremely durable and tend to use fewer chemicals. Excavation and construction of a fiberglass base is affordable, easy to maintain and the installation proses can be very quick.

Latest Swimming Pool Trends

  • Cascading waterfalls that deliver a continuous sheet of flowing water.
  • Underwater windows (found only in the most exclusive facilities)
  • Longer, narrower rectangular pools that don’t overtake the yard.
  • Shallower pools with broad steps or underwater shelves that enable lounging for social gathering.
  • The infinity edge that blurs the boundaries between where the pool and the sky meet.
  • White plaster finish portrays the water with a light turquoise color.
  • Porcelain or glass tiles throughout the entire pool.

Wayerscapes Pools Installation Services

  • Drawings of reticulation design and flow maps.
  • Environmental considerations, harvesting of waste water and natural filtration.
  • Excavation.
  • Manufacturing and steel construction.
  • Construction of designed principles, in-house building team.
  • Reticulation installations and hangings.
  • Pump and electrical installations.
  • Filter systems, heating systems, lighting, in-line systems.
  • All types of attachments and associated operating effects.
  • Aquatics and finishing effects.

We can Help with your Water Feature and Pool Installations!

If you are looking to build a new pool or water feature, or if you need maintenance and repair services on your existing structure, please call the Waterscapes team at +27 (0) 72 211 4898 or email projects@waterscapes.co.za or maintenance@waterscapes.co.za.